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Zappi EV Charger Installation Glasgow

Easyfix Electrical are delighted to be certified installers of Zappi EV chargers. Zappi charge points have a unique ECO charging mode that automatically regulates the charging current based on the on-site PV creation and home power consumption. Zappi EV chargers also possess a fast charge mode, in which they perform like basic EV chargers. If you have off peak tarrifs such as octopus we can program a timer to be set to save even more money.

The Zappi V2 EV Charger is our go to choice for installation around Glasgow. It saves on time & cost aswell being the most innovative EV charger on the market.

  • No earth rod installation

  • No pre authorisation from DNO (usually 8weeks)

  • On board type A RCD

  • £600 Government grant discount

  • 3 charging modes: FAST, ECO & ECO+

  • Off peak timer program for octopus energy supplier

  • 3 years warranty

  • Can charge car from solar panels

  • My energi zappi app allows remote access & data option

  • Best app on the market

  • Pin code lock function

  • Stylish white or black finish


OLEV Approved Zappi EV Charger Installer


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Customer Testimonial

Google Review

Me and my husband are delighted with our new zappi car charger after finding David on my energi. Cleaned up for me coming home and saved us £650 using the new grant system :)

Emelie McBride


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